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Why do I keep this account anymore?

No one even logs on that I used to speak to. 

I feel I should delete.

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Remind me why I even logged on here again?


Because I still lurk around here and there.


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Kayla I’m falling asleep on the keyboard, I’ll reply in the morning for sure.

<3 Sweet dreams and good night, I’m sorry.

Everyone else, night!

It sounds yummy, so yes. xD


*shares* :3





They’re fifth years in school. It’s a while before the triplets come to be :P

At this point, Rox is never gonna get any, poor girl. xD >.>

You promised!

I promised no time limit. Rox is happy, and this relationship is healthy, so there

T_T Well played.

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She smirked to herself, for he couldn’t see her expression at this angle before deftly placing a small kiss to his  neck and then pulling up on her tip toes to whisper in his ear, “Nervous, mon cher?” She quirked an eyebrow and pulled back a tad to look at his expression.

Lorcan didn’t know how to react, she was different than other girls, he froze for a moment and then chuckled, “Oh well played darling.” He smirked, she did make him nervous, she was the only one who had that effect on him.

She smiled very sadly at him, before leaning in to press a kiss to his lips and then grasping one of his hands in her own, petite hand. “I missed you so much, Lorcan.” She cooed and led him back over to her forgotten things.

He managed to keep his calm, having her so close sometimes it was hard for him to, he returned the kiss and followed her, he smiled, “I missed you too, far too much.” His hold on her hand tightened a bit.

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